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Suspension Cornerweights

Suspension cornerweights are an important aspect of setting up a racing or track day car. This is also very relevant on a road car which has been fitted with an adjustable coil-over suspension kit.
A car is connected to the road (or track) by the friction created between the tyres and the road surface and that friction (or grip) is affected by the force (or weight) between the two surfaces.

It is possible for the weight of the car to be un-evenly distributed across the four wheels, meaning that each wheel will have a different grip level to the road. Obviously, for ideal braking, turning and traction, the grip levels (and therefore cornerweights) need to be optimised.
The build of the car will dictate the way that the overall weight is distributed, but accurate adjustment can optimise this accross the front & rear axles.

To do this we sit the car with an accurate weighing scale under each wheel. The scales are all linked to one computerised display panel which shows us the vehicle overall weight, the weight distribution front to rear, and the weight (or force) on each individual wheel.
Careful adjustment of the ride-height on each wheel allows us to optimise the cornerweights accross each axle.