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Rear EBC Brake Discs Impreza WRX STi my01-05 290mm 190mmHB Ultimax Grooved USR1059

Rear EBC Brake Discs Impreza WRX STi my01-05 290mm 190mmHB Ultimax Grooved USR1059

Rear EBC Brake Discs Impreza WRX STi my01-05 290mm 190mmHB Ultimax Grooved USR1059


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Rear EBC Brake Discs Impreza WRX STi New Age 2001-2005 290mm 190mmHB Uprated Ultimax Grooved USR1059
  • Uprated Rear Brake Discs
  • Turbo Dimpled And Grooved Surface
  • Quicker Cooling Down Period
  • For Fast Road / Occassional Track Day Use
  • Direct Replacement Brake DiscsEBC uprated brake discs turbo grooved (dimpled and grooved, zinc coated. gold in colour) mainly for fast road/track day use.
EBC Ultimax (grooved only, EPF heat applied paint, dark silver in colour) recommended for fast orad use. Quieter disc compared to the turbo grooved. 290mm diameter x 66mm height/thickness with 190mm diameter for hand brake shoes.
Vented NOT solid.
This is for a pair of rear brake discs (x2).
EBC Turbo Groove and Ultimax Brake Discs feature a unique wide high volume slot design that runs to the outside edge of the disc allowing the dust, debris, gasses and carbon deposits to be spun off from the braking disc surface, further improving braking. The blind holes prevent cracking and help to break down surface gasses of the brake disc/rotor to further improve braking under heavy load.

Will fit to Impreza WRX models with 4pot calipers fitted to the front
Rear 290mm brake discs fit to Subaru Impreza new age shape 2.0 & 2.5 litre turbo UK and JDM import
GDA GDB WRX saloon 2.0 litre turbo my2001-2005
my2001-2003 Bug Eye
my2004-2005 Blob Crocodile Eye
my2006-2007 Hawk Eye
STi WRX UK300 my2001
WR1 my2004
WRX300 my2005
GGA station sports wagon estate WRX

In our past experience over the years many Impreza's have had different brakes fitted from standard manufacture.
Even though the years might be correct the discs may be different.
Please double check by looking at our pictures of the brakes closely OR alternatively please call/email with registration or chassis.

Rear Brake Discs 290mm Vented x2 Impreza WRX STi 2001-2005 EBC Turbo grooved Ultimax

Subaru Impreza Parts for Turbo WRX STi UK & Import models
Subaru dealer spare parts at low prices

Subaru Impreza Performance Brake Discs and Tuning Specialists Graham Goode Racing Lutterworth Road Aylestone Leicester LE2 8PH England Tel 0116 244 0080 / 0116 245 2320


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