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Performance Engineering

Crankshaft Balancing
The balance of a high performance or racing engine is critical to reduce stress, load and vibration, especially if higher engine speeds are to be used.

We originally purchased our Borgo Crankshaft Balancing Machine to use during our own road and race engine building, but since that time have also offered a balancing service to other engine building companies, and individuals building their own engines.

There are two aspects of engine balancing, the rotational components (crankshaft, flywheel, clutch and front pulley), and reciprocating (pistons and con-rods). However the con rods must be carefully balanced to ensure that all big-ends weigh the same (as these rotate), and the overall weights are also identical (as they reciprocate).

The machine will balance to an accuracy of 0.2g.

We can balance any in-line or boxer engine but unfortunately not V configuration types.

Depending on the balance of the original components, balancing a crankshaft assembly (crankshaft, flywheel, clutch cover and front pulley) will generally cost between £85.00 - £150.00 including VAT. (This is also dependant on the components being presented in a clean condition, with all relevant fixing bolts etc.)

Balancing a set of four pistons and con-rods will generally cost the same (with the same conditions applied).

A higher number of cylinders shouldn't have a large effect on the cost of crankshaft assembly balancing, but the increse in component numbers will obviously increse the cost of balancing con-rods and pistons.

Examples of crankshaft assemblies we have balanced - Austin Se7en, BMC A Series, BMW 530, Cosworth YB, Vintage Daimler Straight Eight, Ford Pinto, Focus RS Mk One, Hillman Imp, Lotus 907, Lotus Twin Cam, Mitsubishi Evo, Porsche 911, Renault 2 lire (Formula Renault & Clio Cup), Renault 5 Turbo, Subaru Impreza, VW Golf GTI, VW Polo G40...