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HKS Turbo Timer Type X & Harness Loom | Ford Focus RS MK2 305ps 41001-AK012 + 4103-RA001

HKS Turbo Timer Type X & Harness Loom | Ford Focus RS MK2 305ps 41001-AK012 + 4103-RA001

HKS Turbo Timer Type X & Harness Loom | Ford Focus RS MK2 305ps 41001-AK012 + 4103-RA001


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Product Information

1 x HKS Turbo Timer Type X 41001-AK012
1 x Harness Loom Ford Focus RS mk2 305ps 4103-RA001

Ford Focus RS MK2

Please note: Wiring harness is UNIVERSAL, it needs to be cut and spliced to make fit.
We would advice an auto electrician to fit this.

  • DC12V Negative Ground (Operation Voltage: DC101~16V)
  • Large Capacity Relay Equipped
    Ignition: 25A / Accessory: 25A
  • Stand-by Current: 10mA or lower
  • Operating Temperature: -20~60℃ (-4 to 140°F)
  • Setting Time Range: :1, 3, 5, 10, and 30 min.
  • Idling takes place after street driving, commuting, etc.
  • It is convenient when a driver has to leave the car right after the engine is shut off.
  • After idling can cool down the turbine and/or engine oil heated up by continuous high speed driving, and the engine shut off without imposing a load to the turbine and/or engine; therefore, the durability of the engine and engine oil is improved.
  • When high load is applied to an engine, and an engine runs at a high speed, the engine and turbine may become in a condition close to a limit.
  • With Turbo Timer, after-idling takes place even if the ignition is turned off by mistake so the engine and turbine may not be damaged.
  • With Turbo Timer, a driver can lock the vehicle door even while running an engine; it allows the vehicle interior temperature maintain when leaving the vehicle for ten minutes or so while reducing a load to a battery.
  • Maximum timer duration is 30 minutes. A long after-idling enables the vehicle interior temperature to be maintained for a long time.
  • (A long after-idling may not be allowed depending on the area, facility, local regulation, etc.)
Example of One Minute Time Range: Frequent after-idling for daily use.
Example of 3 Minutes Time Range: Effective after-idling after driving a highway.
Example of 5 Minutes Time Range: Effective after-idling after circuit driving
Example of 10 Minutes Time Range: To keep the interior temperature when leaving a vehicle for a short time
Example of 30 Minutes Time Range: To maintain the vehicle interior temperature in summer or winter

- Functions

  • Single button control and red LED numerical display simplify operation and improve visibility.
  • 5 time ranges selectable between 1, 3, 5, 10, and 30min.
  • Maximum timer duration is 30 minutes.

  • Turbo vehicles that start the engine using the ignition key.
  • Not applicable to a vehicle equipped with the push-button ignition. Existing Turbo Timer Harness is compatible.
  • This product is not compatible with some vehicles. Refer to the application list before purchasing this product.
  • Accurate time duration can be selected by manual setting.
  • Handbrake detective safety circuit
  • High capacity relay
  • Timer operation stops under unstable conditions caused by low voltage of a battery, etc

- Features

Simple after-idling function and easy operation Optimal touch button size for simple operation Wavy panel design around the button. Capable of operating the button even in the dark.
  • Extension of Timer Duration
  • Maximum timer duration is 30 minutes.
  • Not only protecting the turbocharger, but also maintaining the temperature in a vehicle in summer and winter is possible.
  • Accurate setting is possible even by quick operation.
  • One-digit display for easy recognition of the set time
  • Time duration changed simply by pushing the button. Intuitive operations is possible.
  • Selecting "OFF mode" turns off the display and buzzer.

HKS Dealer Distributor / Subaru Impreza Parts for Turbo WRX STi UK & Import models
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Subaru Impreza Performance and Tuning Specialists Graham Goode Racing Lutterworth Road Aylestone Leicester LE2 8PH England
Tel 0116 244 0080 / 0116 245 2320


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