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GGR Focus ST 225 300BHP + Performance Package Conversion

GGR Focus ST 225 300BHP + Performance Package Conversion

GGR Focus ST 225 300BHP + Performance Package Conversion


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GGR Focus ST 225 300BHP + Performance Package Conversion

GGR ST300 PLUS Conversion

The GGR ST300 Ford Focus ST conversion is now well established as the world class benchmark against which other similar tuning conversations are judged.

Our aim when we began this project was to produce a reasonably priced, well behaved and reliable FAST-ROAD conversion where the whole driving experience of the car is improved. (We had no desire to produce a conversion that produced more power than everyone else, was the fastest thing on a test track, but was appalling to drive on the road, every day). We are happy that we’ve achieved these goals and tests by renowned motoring publications such as Fast Ford and Evo Magazine testify that our well founded and carefully planned development has resulted in a stunning transformation that takes the Focus ST to another level.

The GGR ST300+ conversion consists of a well-matched combination of mechanical modifications complimented by an Engine Management System that has been accurately re-calibrated to suit these modifications creating a fully harmonized package.

Focus ST Induction Kit GGF512
Looking at the air breathing into the engine, we could see that the standard air filter arrangement was very restrictive. The inlet air is fed through a very torturous route, through small & restrictive passageways, and even flowing over the back of the engine management system before entering the turbo inlet pipe at the front of the engine.
The unique GGR C.A.I.S. sealed cold air box is manufactured from a combination of spun aluminium, pre-formed plastic, and three silicone hose sections. The main body contains a large re-useable cone air filter element, and a traditional trumpet shaped inlet inside the filter to channel the air into the turbo inlet hose pipework. This offers far less restriction to the air flow, allowing greater volumes of air into the turbocharger, and reducing the inlet charge air temperature accordingly. Understandably, this will have a significant effect on throttle response & engine power. (The silicone hoses are available in blue, red, black, yellow or orange).
Improving air flow into the engine was only the first part of this project, we had to enable the burned exhaust gasses to escape out of the engine too.
To do this we have manufactured a significantly more free flow exhaust downpipe and centre section with a sports catalytic converter. Manufactured from 3" bore stainless steel pipe with larger radius bends, this offers much less resistance to the exhaust gasses, allowing them to flow freely away from the engine.

The combined effect of this and the air filter has shown noticeable performance improvements.

Focus ST Intercooler GGF527
We also found that the standard intercooler fitted was barely adequate for the standard specification car, once upgraded, it was incapable of controlling inlet air temperatures down to a sensible level. (Safety parameters in the management system cause the throttle to close once inlet air temperatures reach a certain temperature!). We sourced and fitted a larger intercooler, and this has eradicated that problem. (A larger intercooler does not give a power increase as such, but it does allow the engine to produce more power, and more reliably).

Focus ST Stainless Steel Exhaust System GGF511 GGF510
To complete the mechanical conversion we fitted a complete 3” bore cat-back exhaust system to enhance the looks of the car, and enable the sweet sounding 5 cylinder engine to heard more clearly, without the noise becoming too intrusive.

Focus GGR ST300+ECU Program & SCT LiveWire Handset
The final factor in the conversion was to recalibrate the engine management system to capitalise on the effects of our mechanical alterations by optimising the fuel, ignition and boost control etc. settings. GGR have over 20 years experience in engine management system calibration and this experience was used, along with the excellent SCT Advantage III software in developing the GGR ST300+ program for the Bosch management system. We spent a considerable time doing this focusing not only on specifically high power and torque figures, but aiming to improve throttle response and driveability.

Out of interest we decided to power test the car with all mechanical modifications, but a standard management system, just to confirm the effect of these modifications alone. We found that the engine power increased to 265 BHP whilst running standard boost pressure. By studying the data we could also see that the turbocharger was not now working as hard to produce the boost pressure proving further the extra efficiency of our mechanical modifications.

We were very pleased with the results of this conversion, as were the many customers and journalists who have tested the car. Our latest management system calibration gives excellent power and throttle response from as low as 2000 RPM, and holds this up to where we’ve set the gear change lamp to illuminate at 6000 RPM.

350 Lb/Ft @ 3240 RPM 309 BHP @ 6348 RPM

Performance Ford Magazine tested the GGR ST300+ at RAF Woodbridge in May 2007 and found it to be the fastest accelerating Focus ST on the day, recording the following figures:
0 – 60 MPH 6.0 seconds
0 – 100 MPH 13.9 seconds
V-Max 151.6 MPH

Fitted price:
SCT LiveWire Handset loaded with GGR ST300+ Calibration £424.68
GGF512 Cold Air Induction System £333.32
GGF527 High-Efficiency Aluminium Intercooler £424.68
GGF519 High-Flow Exhaust Downpipe and Sports-Cat centre £650.00
GGF511 3” Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust System £357.30
Labour charge 4 hours (@£69.50) £278.00
Sub Total £2467.98
VAT @ 20% £493.60
Total £2961.58

Special Fitted Price £2795.00 inc. VAT

Focus ST ST225 XR5 Tuning and Performance Parts Specialists Graham Goode Racing
Lutterworth Road Aylestone Leicester LE2 8PH Tel 0116 2440080


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