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General Servicing (Everyday Vehicles)

Main dealer service schedules can be confusing, and costly. They stipulate that certain components should be changed at specific times or mileages, irrespective of their condition. Whilst we do agree with this principle for certain components such as timing belts, generally it is fairer to only replace parts when they need to be replaced.

In our own set price services, we do inspect the additional components, and if we feel that anything should be replaced, we call you and explain the costs involved, allowing you to control the price of your service, and preventing any nasty surprises when you collect your car from us. We only replace parts that need replacing!

All parts we use will be either genuine manufacturer components, or independently sourced to the equivalent, or higher standard.

Please also note that we are also able to carry out servicing without affecting your manufacturers warranty, as long as we use genuine parts, and follow the official schedule. Please contact us for a full quotation if this is what you require.