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EBC Rear Brake Pads & Discs | Sierra & Sapphire 2wd Cosworth

EBC Rear Brake Pads & Discs | Sierra & Sapphire 2wd Cosworth

Package Deal Pads & Discs
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EBC Rear Brake Pads & Discs (Package)

Fits - Ford Sierra & Sapphire 2wd Cosworth
Position - Rear

EBC Brake Packages Available

Ultimax Pads & D Series Discs
Redstuff Pads & D Series Discs
Redstuff Pads & GD Series Discs
Redstuff Pads & USR Series Discs
Yellowstuff Pads & D Series Discs
Yellowstuff Pads & GD Series Discs
Yellowstuff Pads & USR Series Discs
Bluestuff Pads & D Series Discs
Bluestuff Pads & GD Series Discs
Bluestuff Pads & USR Series Discs

Kit contains set of front brake pads & pair of front discs
Money saving brake kit
Performance brakes

Ultimax Brake Pads
The perfect quality daily driver pad option. These premium quality British made pads are designed to meet or exceed the performance of any OEM pad. The EBC Brakes Ultimax range are long lasting, high friction pads designed for normal urban driving at all speeds on prestige cars, 4x4 and light trucks. Read More...
Ultimax pads feature centre slots, edge chamfers and Brake-In surface coating to condition discs after installation and help to quickly deliver stopping power on new pads. Hardware and wear leads included where fitted as standard. All Ultimax pads are tested to and carry ECE R90 approval making them 100% equivalent to original parts with a stronger brake effect. Tests at the MIRA research facility prove that these pads typically stop faster then OE.

Greenstuff Brake Pads
High friction Kevlar based pad compound designed to improve stopping power on lighter cars such as hot hatches and sport saloons in spirited highway driving. The Greenstuff range delivers improved brake response from hot or cold and emits less dust than equivalent semi-metallic pads. In tests, Greenstuff has been proven to stop a vehicle 20 feet shorter than using stock pads. Greenstuff pads are fully shimmed, chamfered and slotted for silent braking and also feature the EBC Brake-In surface coating to accelerate pad bed-in after installation.

Redstuff Brake Pads
EBC Redstuff is a premium street pad fully R90 approved with low dust and ultra quiet smooth braking. Top favorite with Euro and Asian cars for fast street use where quiet braking and low dust are target requirements. Pads are fully shimmed chamfered and slotted and arrive with pad surface Brake-in coating to accelerate pad bedding after install.
Ceramic particles (not fibers) enhance the aramid fibre formulation used in EBC Brakes Redstuff to deliver powerful and long lasting silent braking for the discerning driver.
An ideal upgrade delivering great brake response and feel from first application of the brakes. Redstuff pads are NOT FOR TRACK USE. See Yellowstuff, Bluestuff, or the new RP1 and RPX full race pads for track use.
NOT FOR TRACK USE.  Yellowstuff for track use.

Yellowstuff Brake Pads
High performance road pad that is also suitable for track use and works really well from cold. If you want the ultimate in high friction braking, this is the pad to choose. Brakes feel superb from first touch of the pedal and stay effective right up to race temperatures. EBC Brakes Yellowstuff is designed for faster, higher horsepower cars where maximum stopping power is the prime requirement as well as for track use. The dust rating is less than OEM parts. Where necessary, all pads come with edge chamfers, noise reduction shims and OEM hardware. All EBC Brakes Yellowstuff pads feature the Brake-In surface coating which helps pads to seat quickly after installation.

D Series Brake Discs
Premium OE replacement discs
Sold in pairs of two discs for front or rear
Quality G3000 cast iron
Cross ground surface finish
Thermic black coated for maximum corrosion resistance
Exact size and fit as manufacturer discs

If you need a premium high quality replacement disc for your daily driver car, these are a great choice. Precision cast machined and finish ground and balanced, then checked for runout these discs are a superb service replacement option.Most discs are thermic black anti corrosion coated for long resistance against rust and scale common with non coated discs. Please note some discs may be supplied without the black thermic coating.

GD Series Brake Discs
Wide aperture grooves
Thermic black coated for maximum corrosion resistance
Special disc alloys UNIQUE to EBC
Dimple hole construction
Balanced geometry

EBC’s GD Series Discs feature a unique wide “high volume” slot design that runs to the outside edge of the disc allowing the dust, debris, gasses and carbon deposits to be “spun off” from the braking disc surface, further improving braking. The blind holes prevent cracking and help to break down surface gasses of the brake disc/rotor to further improve braking under heavy load.
Made in Europe and machined using a high quality alloy designed to run up to 800/900 degrees centigrade (glowing red hot) and still run true and stay straight. For light race, rally and track day use. Together with V4 Greenstuff, Redstuff Ceramic or Yellowstuff, which helps to reduce disc temperatures, you will be hard pressed to find a better standard size disc/pad combo for your car.
GD Series Discs are available for many Japanese, European & US cars. The EBC GD Series Discs represents a high performance brake disc with good “behind wheel” looks, at an affordable price range.
Recent European R90 brake safety legislation insists on a very aggressive stress test of all replacement brake rotors. EBC rotors have passed this test and in the case of the GD design, the brakes were shown to run 100 degrees F cooler than non slotted rotors proving our long made claims that the GD version rotors run COOLER.

USR Series Brake Discs
Wide aperture grooves
Thermic black coated for maximum corrosion resistance
Special disc alloys UNIQUE to EBC
Quiet slot pattern
Balanced geometry

The latest super quiet slot pattern for prestige and premium cars with the new thermic black corrosion resistant black finish.
The coating quickly wears off the pad track area within a few short miles during bed in and even quicker if using EBC pads with their unique Brake-In™ coating on the pad surface leaving the black rotor hub protected against rust.

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