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Automec Silicone Brake Fluid Dot5 1 Litre ABF004

Automec Silicone Brake Fluid Dot5 1 Litre ABF004

Automec Silicone Brake Fluid Dot5 1 Litre ABF004


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Automec Silicone Brake Fluid Dot5 1 Litre ABF004 ABF4

Vehicle manufacturers recommend that you change your normal brake fluid at least every 2 years?

This can be costly over the years. Automec silicone fluid is a higher superior specification, it actually repels moisture and will never need replacing, it lasts a lifetime. Normal brake fluids are ‘hydroscopic’ which means that in time they will absorb moisture from the air and this is what contributes towards a ‘spongy’ feeling brake pedal. This is not good for performance cars. Moisture in the brake fluid also contributes to rust/corrosion of brake pipes.

Classic,Performance and Motorsport Automec Silicone Brake Fluid gives a firmer pedal feel that never becomes ‘spongy’ and is used by motorsport teams, and super-car manufacturers. It has a higher boiling point of  260 degrees C.

Brake Fluid Change to SBF Silicone Brake Fluid
Your brake system should be completely drained of the old normal glycol based brake fluid before filling with the new silicone brake fluid.
Silicone fluid can be mixed with normal glycol brake fluid , but this will reduce its performance.
1 litre bottle of Automec Silicone Brake Fuild  is a big enough size for a complete brake fluid change to your car.

Automec Silicone Brake Fluid is safe to use and doesn't harm paintwork - spill this on your paint and it will wipe it off!

Comes complete with a laminated warning label and cable tie for your brake fluid reservoir , as a reminder that your car has superior Automec Silicone Brake fluid not standard mineral fluid.

Made in the USA . As used by US military in the most severe environments. Silicone Brake Fluid conforms to the US DOT5 standard as well as the US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 116 and US Military Standard MIL B46176.

Graham Goode Racing Lutterworth Road Aylestone Leicester LE2 8PH Tel 0116 244 0080


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