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Air Conditioning

Most cars now have air conditioning fitted as standard which most people only use during the summer to keep the car interior cool. Due to the dehumidifying properties of air-con, it is also useful all year round to dry the atmosphere within the car, to help de-mist the windows.

Like all other systems, to retain efficiency the air conditioning system also requires regular servicing. A system that is out of condition will have to work harder which places more strain on the components, plus this will also be harmful to the vehicle fuel consumption.

There are two main aspects to the maintenance of an air conditioning system, ensuring operational efficiency by having the correct quantity of gas & lubricant in the system, plus for heath & comfort reasons, ensuring that the system is free from bacteria and nasty odours.

Should you find that a simple re-gas does not resolve your air-con problems, we have the ability to diagnose & repair faults within your system.

We have a network of suppliers able to provide top quality and genuine parts at a fraction of manufacturers prices.