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Air-Con Re-Gas

If your air conditioning has lost efficiency, or failed completely, this is usually due to a loss of gas pressure in the  system. This could be due to a leak in the system, or it could simply mean that over time, the gas has simply seeped out through the many joints. (Industry recommendations are that the gas pressure & quantity is checked every two years.)

Our complete re-gas service has four stages.

Firstly we use our machine to completely remove (and measure) all of the gas and lubricant that is left in the system. This information is checked against the specifications for your vehicle to see what percentage was in the system.

Once the system has completely purged of gas & old lubricant we carry out a 30 minute vacuum test. This has two purposes as it not only checks the system for obvious leaks, but it also removes any moisture and water vapour from the system.

If the system is found to hold a vacuum for 30 minutes it is then re-filled with the correct quantity of gas, special ultra-violet reactive dye plus the correct quantity of lubrication oil of the correct specification for your vehicle.

Finally the system will be run, the operation and efficiency tested, plus it will be inspected with a special ultra-violet lamp to ensure that there are no obvious leaks