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45 Point Service

Whats Involved?

·         Check all warning lights.
·         Check all external lights.
·         Check horn operation.
·         Check seatbelt operation & condition.
·         Check windscreen washer operation.
·         Re-set service light (Subject to data & tooling).
·         Check and lubricate bonnet lock and safety catch.
·         Lubricate door check straps.
·         Lubricate door hinges.
·         Check operation of and lubricate all door locks.
·         Check road tyre condition and pressure.
·         Check tightness of wheel nuts.
·         Check operation & aim of screenwashers.
·         Check condition of windscreen wiper blades.
·         Check condition of air filter
·         Check & report anti-freeze concentration.
·         Check condition of auxiliary drive belts.
·         Check tension of auxiliary drive belts.
·         Top up if necessary Screenwash fluid.
·         Top up if necessary Coolant level.
·         Top up if necessary Brake fluid.
·         Inspect ignition lead condition.
·         Check for fuel, oil, coolant etc. leaks.
·         Check all hoses for correct routing & condition.
·         Check all wiring for security, routing, and damage.
·         Check general condition of components.
·         Check brake system components for wear.
·         Check braking system pipes and hoses for damage, leaks or deterioration.
·         Check operation & adjustment of handbrake.
·         Renew engine oil & filter.
·         Check engine & transmission for any significant leaks.
·         Check all fuel lines and filter etc. for damage, leaks or corrosion.
·         Check condition of all suspension and steering seals and gaiters.
·         Check condition of steering rack or steering box, including power steering fluid loss.
·         Check all ball joints for wear.
·         Check all wheel bearings for play or noise.
·         Check condition and security of driveshaft joints and gaiters.
·         Check condition and pressure of spare tyre.
·         Check general condition of underbody area
·         Hand and footbrake operation.
·         Clutch and gearchange.
·         Steering.
·         Engine performance and driveability.
·         Operation of steering and other controls.

The vehicle interior will also be vacuumed, and the vehicle bodywork hand-washed (weather permitting).

For reasons of exhaust emissions, fuel economy and engine longevity, modern engines now need more specialised lubrication oils. This service price includes engine oil and filter up to a maximum capacity of 5 litres.
Additional semi-synthetic engine oil is £4.00 per litre, fully-synthetic engine oil is £7.00 per litre

Service using Semi-Synthetic engine oil £219.50 

Service using Fully-Synthetic engine oil £239.50 

(All prices include VAT at the current rate)
Service Reception Lines 0116 245 2314 / 245 2315