Another simple but highly effective modification we have created for the ST150 is the GGR Quickshift. Heres some facts …

The quick shift is designed and made in the UK for guaranteed quality.

Made to fit all Ford Fiesta MK6 Models including ST 150, Zetec S 2002 onwards.

Fits all IB5 Transmission including 1.4TDCI

Reduces the gear shifter travel between 25% and 54%.

Better car performance from improved gear lever quick shifting

No modifications needed to factory trim for either quick shift 5 or 6 speed gear levers.

So easy to install watch the vid …




The NEW GGR Fiesta ST 180 now features our new design of induction system. We have created a open element induction system which utilises a ABS plastic direct cold air feed to the induction cone filter.

The kit consits of a spun aluminium bellmouth with CNC machined boss for the Mass Air Flow sensor to sit, a large K&N conical air filter element, precision vacuum formed ABS plastic air intake guide to channel cold air directly to the air filter, and all brackets to securely mount the assembly.

As can be seen from the pictures the K&N filter is positioned directly behind the bonnet slam panel, well away from the hot engine, and the ABS plastic moulding feeds cold air directly to the conical filter.
We have only just finished the development of this product but can report noticeable improvements in throttle response, a slight increase in induction roar, and a noticeable wastegate chatter and dump valve release. We would also expect this filter to enable at least 10BHP more power, dependant on engine management system calibration.

  • Improved power and throttle response
  • Improves under-bonnet acoustics ( sounds great !! )
  • Amplifies wastegate chatter
  • Replaces OE airbox
  • ABS plastic direct air feed
  • Made In Britain

See how it fits here!


GGR CNC Machined Torque Link Engine Stabiliser | Ford Focus ST 250 | ST 225 | RS MK2 | RS MK3

By far one of our best sellers! The GGR ST & RS engine stabiliser torque link.

Designed and manufactured in the UK. The Focus ST & RS GGR torque link engine stabiliser is CNC machined from HE30 aluminium and utilises polyurethane compliance bushes.It is finished in red anodising and GGR engraved branding.

This is an essential modification on high power high torque Focus ST ‘s and Focus RS’s to prevent engine movement.

Lower rear torque link seriously reduces engine pitching forwards and backwards

Focus ST 225
Focus ST 250
Focus RS MK2
Focus RS MK3

Check out the video below of how the Torque link is made.



With plenty of hard work going into the production of new GGR performance parts for the Focus RS and ST, we haven’t forgotten about the pocket rocket ST 180.

Lets start with the GGR Quickshift for the ST180!








We have developed and manufactured this NEW Fiesta quickshift. It is CNC machined from billet aerospace grade aluminium. It has a red anodised body with a black plated base plate, repositioned knuckle head for better throw and cable accessibility.

This extremely durable and high spec quickshift made from billet aerospace aluminium installs easily onto the Fiesta input bracket. The repositioned knuckle joint allows for better fitting, easier gear changing and more space for the gear cable selector to move.

Ideal for street, fast road or track day use. Makes your shifting quicker and more fun!
No additional parts are required.1 knuckle position for 20% reduction, that’s all you need!

Easily installed. See video for installation.

Kit includes:
x3 stainless steel socket head screws
x1 screw in knuckle head for gear selector cable
x1 anodised red body including engraved part number
x1 black plated steel base plate
x1 GGR sticker
With a reduction of 20%
Made In Britain

Here’s what Super Torque thought of the Quickshift.



We are working hard here at Graham Goode Racing to create a wide range of quality performance upgrades for the Focus RS & ST MK3… This time we have created The GGR Quickshift. Following the success of the Fiesta ST 150 Quickshift & the Fiesta ST 180 Quickshift, it only seems right to create one for the MK3 Focus.









his NEW Focus ST250/RS MK3 quickshift. It is CNC machined from billet aerospace grade aluminium. It has a red anodised body, repositioned knuckle head for reduced throw (20%) and cable accessibility.

This extremely durable and high spec quickshift made from billet aerospace aluminium installs easily onto the Focus input bracket. The re positioned knuckle joint allows for better fitting, easier gear changing and more space for the gear cable selector to move.
Ideal for street, fast road or track day use. Makes your shifting quicker and more fun!
No additional parts are required. Easily installed. See video for installation



With extra power your going to need extra stopping power. The answer is here! We have worked closely with AP Racing to create a bespoke brake kit for the Focus RS MK3. Available in Red or Black.

The GGR Big Brake Kit uses the latest AP Racing 362mm x 32mm ventilated brake discs with 12 curved surface grooves and 48 internal cooling vanes fixed to CNC machined, hard anodised aluminium HE30/6082 T6 mounting bells.

The AP Racing 6 pot CP9040 calipers are radial mounted and forged construction. This lightweight caliper is specifically designed for fast road use and comes complete with graduated piston sizes, piston dust seals and brake pad anti-rattle shims. Installed on CNC machined, hard anodised, aluminium HE30/6082 T6 mounting brackets.

Please note that all bespoke mounting bells & brackets are designed by and made exclusively for Graham Goode Racing.

The kit comes complete with all relevant fixings, Ferodo DS2500 brake pads, braided stainless steel flexible brake hoses, and a unique wheel hub location spigot for guaranteed alignment. This kit is a direct replacement for the standard parts. Please also note that this big brake kit was specifically designed to fit inside the standard 19” Focus RS road wheels without the need for additional wheel spacers or other modifications. 

We have produced this brake kit to be a further improvement over the original equipment Brembo brakes for both fast road and track day use. The DS2500 pads give good bite from cold and have excellent high temperature performance. (Harder brake pads are also available for exclusive track use). The discs are larger in diameter and the braking surface area is much larger, combined with six piston calipers giving much stronger braking effort. The brake discs are also significantly thicker and have substantially improved cooling abilities efficiently dissipating the heat created from heavy braking. The kit also includes braided stainless steel flexible brake hoses, which unlike the original items do not balloon up under pressure ensuring that all of the braking force reaches the brakes.

Although designed for the actual braking improvements, we have not overlooked the visual impact of our brake kit.

The anodised aluminium components are a steel grey colour, with the brake calipers available in either black or red powder coating with yellow lettering. As can be seen from the pictures, this kit creates a very appealing, wheel filling sight.

Note we strongly recommend insulating the bottom ball joint gaiter (asbestos foil supplied) 

Kit Includes

  • 2 x Braided Lines
  • 2 x AP Racing 362mm Brake Discs
  • 2 x AP Racing 6 Pot Calipers
  • 2 x Pairs Ferodo DS2500 Brake Pads
  • 2 x Hard Anodised CNC Machined Brackets
  • 2 x Hard Anodised CNC Mounting Bells


In addition to the previous post regarding or Focus RS MK3 CAIS Induction kit. We have developed a DAIS Open Air Induction Kit, and i’m sure if you have one of these you will agree that it sounds crazy! If you don’t have on of these for your MK3 and enjoy induction sound then this is defiantly the induction kit for you!You can now enjoy the benefits of our high flow spun aluminium trumpet and K&N conical filter at much reduced cost over the fully enclosed “CAIS” (cold air induction system) GGF7002/3

The kit is available with a selection of 6 coloured silicone hoses, to add a little personal touch to your engine bay. All hoses are made in house at Graham Goode Leicester.

Whilst the colder/denser air is forfeited some would argue this is more than made up for with the deep throaty roar of the exposed filter ?

You choose.



Here at Graham Goode Racing we thrive on making your pride and joy just that little bit better, whether thats by increasing the performance, sharpening the styling or just by maintaining your motor.

The new Focus RS MK3 is already packed with plenty of power, however being RS & ST specialists we were dieing to make a few tweaks and modifications to steal as much power out of the 2.3 ecoboost as possible.

First stop is the air intake. To maximise performance the engine requires clean cold air, which it why we have developed the Ford Focus RS Mk3 Carbon CAIS Cold Air Induction System .

The GGR CAIS is designed to fit as a direct replacement for the standard unit, using the original mountings and pipework, but to offer practically no resistance to air-flow into the engine.

Consisting of a molded outer casing of either Carbon Fibre or plain Polyester weave, the GGR CAIS picks up cold air from the original position at the front of the car. The air is then channeled through the casing to a large, fully enveloped K&N cone air filter with 360° clearance around it. Inside the filter, and forming the outlet of the CAIS is a spun aluminium bell mouth which collects the incoming air, and channels it out smoothly to the turbo intake pipe.
Aswell as granting more air flow to the engine and giving the car an increase in throttle response the Induction system gives the engine bay a more stylish appearance without detracting the OEM look.

The System Includes a bonnet release cable bracket so the Induction kit can be fitted without obstructing the use of the bonnet release.

(See Fitting Video Below)